Antares Premium Glossy Helmet


  • GBP: £ 410.00 - £ 410.00
  • EUR: € 467.03 - € 467.03

Helmet Size Guide

54 55 56 57 58 59
6,5/8 6,3/4 6,7/8 7 7,1/8 7,1/4

Helmet Padding Sizes

With each hat you receive a set of linings, for example a small hat will have a set of linings to make it into a 54 size, a set of linings to make it into a 55 and another set to make it into a size 56. All linings are removable and can be washed.


Additional Info, Notes & Questions

If you have any extra requests, are unsure about any of the information or would like to speak to a representative then please add some notes below and we will answer your questions before fulfilling your order.


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