45 to 75cm from 10 to 10cm.

From 18” to 30” inches from four inches to four inches.

Colors & finishings

Malt – cream stitching

Black – black stitching

 Product’s +

  • The shape of this girth is perfectly adapted to any horse’s morphology, allows optimal freedom of the forelegs and avoids pinching.
  • 4 roller buckles on elastics to adjust the girth on both sides of the saddle and ensure symmetry.
  • Liner options: washable hypoallergenic synthetic sheep in cream or black, attached with velcro.
  • The Hypoallergenic sheep liner allows a delicate contact with the horse’s skin. It avoids irritations that might be caused by classic girths rub on sensible horses.
  • Leather: Smooth French leather reinforced with vegetable tanned grained leather to ensure optimum protection and durability.