From 42” to 58” inches from two inches to two inches.
2 widths: small for sizes 42”, 44”, 46” and – regular for sizes from 48” to 58”.

Colors & finishings

Malt – cream stitching
Black – black stitching

Product’s +

  • The shape of this girth is perfectly adapted to any horse’s morphology, allows optimal freedom of the forelegs and avoids pinching. The grained leather central part provides optimum protection against potential stud’s damage.
  • 2 bib widths to fit the morphology of each horse or pony.
  • New attachment system for training aids manufactured by the French company CONTAT in the Alps. This company specialized in mountaineering and skydiving has designed this new system in collaboration with and especially for Antares.
  • 4 roller buckles on elastics to adjust the girth on both sides of the saddle and ensure symmetry. Offset straps for a better distribution of the girthing pressure on the thorax of the horse. Easy girthing and close contact guaranteed.

Leather: Smooth French leather reinforced with calf lined vegetable tanned grained leather to ensure optimum protection and durability.