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The Cambox ISIS is a revolutionary headcam designed specifically for high performance equestrian headgear. Light, comfortable and easy to fix to your riding hat, the Cambox ISIS uses the latest technology to allow you to analyse and improve your performances quickly and easily.

The arrival of these cameras was a true revolution for equestrian sport: the spectator can take the place of the pilot but can also better understand what is happening in the cockpit.

The camera has a unique position – not fixed on the bowl of the helmet, but simply under the peak of the helmet or jockey skull silk. The lightweight unit is attached using Velcro patches and replicates the view of the rider to maximise the potential to analyse the rider’s performance – see the video to the right to experience this for yourself. The Cambox ISIS is housed in a lightweight unit which is shock proof and requires no alterations to the rider’s helmet.

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